Cat Grooming Days

01 Apr 2013 | Posted In Services, Shampooches

Cat Grooming Days

Is your kitty looking a little worse for wear? Have knotting or matted fur? In need of a bath? Speak to Shampooches of Harrogate about the fabulous Cat grooming days in our secure and hygienic salon.

Cats do not like to be dirty, knotted or matted. If your cat is in this sort of condition, this can be extremely stressful and painful for the cat. Mats and knots create many microscopic cuts to the pet’s skin surface, these mats tug and tear at the cats coat and skin.

If your kitty is knotted or matted this can also retain moisture, create hot spots and sores to the skin and make it difficult for you, as an owner to spot any harboring ticks, fleas or ailments. If your cat is in a knotted and matted condition you need to address this immediately for your cats happiness and in line with government legislations and welfare standards in the UK.


Shampooches has designated cat grooming days where there will be no dogs present in the salon.

Andrew and Verity at Shampooches are huge cat lovers and have both owned cats throughout their lives including, siamese, tabby, tortoishell, persian and feral cats. We understand cats, their body language, likes and dislikes and use sympathetic handling throughout the grooming process.

  • Maintenance grooms- We would recommend a maintenance groom to avoid the extremes of a full or part clip. This keeps the cat clean with a flowing coat and most importantly happy. We would get all the dead undercoat and top coat out of the cat, comb through and then finish with a spritz of kitty cologne  
  • Radical Grooms- This is generally when the cat is severely matted or at your request when your long haired cat feels swamped by its thick fur in summer weather. This would include a full body clip leaving the head, legs and a lion style tail at your approval.
  • Partial clips- A partial clip is great for cats that have some matted areas but not a lot. These can be gently clipped out and the rest of the coat brushed and combed out. 
  • Bath & Blow Dry- This can be added on to any of the above services at your request. Specialist Cat approved shampoos and conditioners are used to get your cat smelling devine. We do have 3 different types of dryers in the salon so we would work with your cat to see which one would be best suited to your cats likes and dislikes.
  • Nails- At your request we can trim your cats nails.

Call us today to find out when our next Kitty day is and to ask more questions.

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