If there is something not listed below that would be of service to you or your pooch then please get in touch and let us know … we will do our best to help.

When your dog comes to Shampooches of Harrogate for a full groom or simply a wash, we will firstly give your dog a good brush through, removing any loose coat and tangles.

Next your dog’s skin and coat condition will be assessed so the correct products and beauty regime can be used.

Your pooch will be given two warm washes including a massage all over using only the best quality, salon grade shampoos and conditioners.

After the dogs coat has been thoroughly cleansed a conditioning treatment will be applied.

Your precious pooch will then be dried thoroughly ready for preparation work and styling.

Preparation work is included in all Grooms.


Long nails make walking painful as it disables the natural movement of the dog’s toes. As part of the groom at Shampooches we will trim your dogs nails. We also offer this as a separate treatment.


We will clean and clear hair away from your pooches private areas for hygene reasons.


Ears canals will be checked and cleaned, often on the woolier breeds of dog’s hair will grow down into the ear canal, this will be gently pulled out. This is necessary to keep the ear healthy and prevent bacterial infections.

Shampooches can style your dog to breed standard or your preference, just name it. Verity is a fully qualified, multi award willing groomer and each groom is carried out with attentive care and to the highest of standards.

When you visit Shampooches we will discuss in depth your exact grooming requirements, we are always happy to do something “a little different” or advise you on what style we think would suit your pooch.

We will always keep a detailed record of styles created on your dog and other important information such as your like and dislikes, health and wellness record. You are always welcome to change your dog’s style, we will ask you if you fancy anything different on each visit.

As soon as your puppy has received its 2nd injections it is important that it gets used to the sights, smells and sounds of a grooming establishment to make visits more enjoyable and less daunting in the future.

Your puppy is welcome to come for a morning or afternoon and receive a light groom and lots of love and affection and learn that the salon is a happy and relaxing place to visit.

At Shampooches we are very happy to handstrip your wiry friend.

If you do have a dog with a lovely wiry coat we can carry out a full handstrip or combination hands trips. Handstripping keeps the hair in good condition and maintains the coats natural hair cycle.

Image of Reiki Dog Treatment

Recently Verity has become a Reiki practitioner, she decided to undertake the course and training as she believes Reiki can be an effective healing and balancing tool on both humans and animals alike.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Rei’, universal life energy/ sacred energy and ‘ki’, life force energy. Reiki requires an empowerment or ‘attunement’ and teachings by a qualified Reiki master to the student, in order for one to channel this very specific energy. Read more about this unique service.

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