If there is something not listed below that would be of service to you or your pooch then please get in touch and let us know … we will do our best to help.

When your dog comes to Shampooches of Harrogate for a full groom or simply a wash, we will firstly give your dog a good brush through, removing any loose coat and tangles.

Next your dog’s skin and coat condition will be assessed so the correct products and beauty regime can be used.

Your pooch will be given two warm washes including a massage all over using only the best quality, salon grade shampoos and conditioners.

After the dogs coat has been thoroughly cleansed a conditioning treatment will be applied.

Your precious pooch will then be dried thoroughly ready for preparation work and styling.

Preparation work is included in all Grooms.


Long nails make walking painful as it disables the natural movement of the dog’s toes. As part of the groom at Shampooches we will trim your dogs nails. We also offer this as a separate treatment for £7.00


We will clean and clear hair away from your pooches private areas for hygene reasons.


Ears canals will be checked and cleaned, often on the woolier breeds of dog’s hair will grow down into the ear canal, this will be gently pulled out. This is necessary to keep the ear healthy and prevent bacterial infections.

Shampooches can style your dog to breed standard or your preference, just name it. Verity and the team are fully qualified, multi award willing groomer and each groom is carried out with attentive care and to the highest of standards.

When you visit Shampooches we will discuss in depth your exact grooming requirements, we are always happy to do something “a little different” or advise you on what style we think would suit your pooch.

We will always keep a detailed record of styles created on your dog and other important information such as your like and dislikes, health and wellness record. You are always welcome to change your dog’s style, we will ask you if you fancy anything different on each visit.

At Shampooches we are very happy to handstrip your wiry friend.

Our fully qualified team can hand strip all wire and silky coated breeds, Verity has gained a distinction in the city and guilds hand strip unit for the higher qualification  for both silky coats and for Wire coats which is show standard grooming and the highest qualification available. We are all extremely experienced in hand stripping all breeds from Lakeland Terriers to Springer Spaniels and are well knowledge in their coat requirements.

Prices for Handstripping are typically:

XS-S £15 extra (on top of normal full groom price)
M- £20 extra
L-XL- £25 extra

If you do have a dog with a lovely wiry coat we can carry out a full handstrip or combination hands trips. Handstripping keeps the hair in good condition and maintains the coats natural hair cycle.

Our fully qualified team are experts in all coat types and can carry out de-shedding of your double coated breeds within our full groom packages. This covers breeds such as Golden Retrievers to Siberian Huskies, Bernese Mountain Dogs to Corgis

If necessary we can remove the coat from matted dogs, these tight matts are very uncomfortable for the dog and inhibits their skin from breathing causing a number of ailments. To do this safely it takes time and due to the nature of the matting often adds wear and tear to our equipment.

Price £10.00

Spa Packages for your dog available at Shampooches Harrogate

This includes your dogs regular groom but we will also add in either the Green Tea or the Blueberry Spa Package, a luxury massaging condition, our Paw and Nail Treatment, Fresh Breath Treatment and finished with a spritz of paw fume and a luxury handmade bandana.

Price £10.00

Blackberry Spa Treatments at Shampooches Harrogate

Brightening and conditioning blueberry shampoo followed by a lightly foaming blueberry facial, this treatment refreshes and cleanses helping to remove dirt, beard and tear staining. The groom is complete with a spritz of blueberry pawfume.

This add on treatment is popular with white dogs like Bichons and maltese.

Price £4.00

Brightening shampoo and conditioner using natural extracts of Green Tea to clean and remove staining followed by an all natural Green tea facial scrub which removes dirt and discolourations from the face and ears as well as helping to lift stubborn tear staining.

This add on treatment is popular with Cockapoos, white and light coloured dogs and bearded breeds like Schnauzers.

Price £4.00

Does your dog suffer from any of the following?

Dandruff – Hotspots – Yeast – Tick/Flea Bites Odour – Itchiness – Overall Cleanliness – Scabby Skin – Sores – Allergies – Irritations – Baldness -Blocked Hair Folicles – Sore Warts – Excess Oil

If so Nagayu could really help your dog

For more information please click here.

Prices start from £4.00

Emmi-Pet is a revolutionary, non invasive teeth and gum cleaning treatment for your dog, different packages are available to suit your dogs dental needs. Using ultrasonic waves Emmi-Pet helps to lift tartar buildup, cleaning up into the gum line gently and pain free.

For more information please click here.

Prices start from £15

Fresh breath for your dog at Shampooches Harrogate

Plaque treatment to clean your dogs teeth and gums followed by a fresh breath foam to make their breath fresh and clean.

Price £3.00

Dog Nail Treatments in Harrogate

Following your dogs nail clipping we will softly file the nails to smooth out any sharp edges, this also shortens the nails even further in a safe way, we will also massage your dogs paw pads with hydrating and healing paw balm. This is a relaxing and beneficial add on treatment.

Price £4.00

So long as your pooch is neutered we have facilities where your dog can arrive early and or be collected later than their grooming appointment times during our opening hours.

We will mix your dogs if they are sociable with like minded friends, we have a lovely play area, ball pool, loads of toys, treats a plenty and they’ll be taken out multiple times for toilet breaks and walks. Its so lovely for us to spend sociable time with your dog and get to know them better.


Per Hour £3
Two dogs togethers Per Hour £5
Per day £15
Two dogs together Per Day £22

Please note this is only available to salon customers as we believe we understand your dogs temperament and needs.

We can offer a one to one home from home care service whilst you are away.

During the day your pet wont be left alone, they will come to enjoy the day with us in our day care facility to play, have smaller walks and a fuss.

We will continue your care routine at home mimicking walks and feed times as well as lots of cuddles and kisses from our pet care professionals.


£25 per 24hours
£12.50 for every additional dog within the same household

Please note this is only available to salon customers as we believe we understand your dogs temperament and needs.

As soon as your puppy has received its 2nd injections it is important that it gets used to the sights, smells and sounds of a grooming establishment to make visits more enjoyable and less daunting in the future.

Your puppy is welcome to come for a morning or afternoon and receive a light groom and lots of love and affection and learn that the salon is a happy and relaxing place to visit.

And don’t forget that these sessions are free!


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