Reiki Healing for Dogs

21 Jan 2013 | Posted In Reiki

Recently Verity has become a Reiki practitioner, she decided to undertake the course and training as she believes Reiki can be an effective healing and balancing tool on both humans and animals alike.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Rei’, universal life energy/ sacred energy and ‘ki’, life force energy. Reiki requires an empowerment or ‘attunement’ and teachings by a qualified Reiki master to the student, in order for one to channel this very specific energy.

The Reiki energy is drawn from the universe and transmitted through the palms of the hands, on or near the recipient, to achieve a rebalancing of life force energy.

Image of Reiki Dog TreatmentReiki is a Japanese method of holistic healing, using energy through her hands it is powerful, gentle and non-invasive procedure which is completely safe and harmless.

Reiki can be used to rebalance the body and mind and it is an effective stress release system. Reiki can be an excellent treatment for highly strung, nervous dogs or dogs healing following an illness or injury.

Typically Reiki works within 2-4 sessions on dogs and only takes between 10-30 minutes.

Please contact us should you have any queries regarding canine Reiki and Reiki sessions.

Happy Healing everyone.

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