Splish Splash Splosh

02 Oct 2013 | Posted In Home

Shampooches has installed a state of the art Hydro Bath into our salon.

The Hydro Bath is a fabulous bathing system that can penetrate the thickest and longest of coats getting right to the skin, removing dry dead skin cells and other materials that can be hard to get rid of.

Not only this but the gentle hydro spray action also massages and stimulates the dogs skin which helps to relieve tired muscles, improves blood circulation and is also beneficial for older dogs who may suffer with arthritis.

If your precious pooch suffers from a skin complaint special medicated solutions can be added to the water tank during their Hydro Bath session. The Hydro Bath ensures maximum benefit from this treatment as not only does the bathing system wash the fur but it treats the skin too which is where these issues lie.

So not only is the Hydro Bath the most effective way of washing your dog but it is also therapeutic for your companion.

Whatever the breed, call us today to book a session at the multi award winning Shampooches salon.

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