The Benefits of Grooming

05 Dec 2012 | Posted In Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog makes the dog feel clean, feel handsome, comfortable and look amazing.

Through our grooming process your dog leaves clean and dander free, all the loose coat has been cleansed away leaving your dog smelling beautiful and dropping less hair around your home. This will cut down allergies in us too.

Grooming involves a significant amount of handling and affection, which benefits the dog’s emotional state. It also benefits us too, both emotionally and physically; it has been proven to even lower our blood pressure, so brushing your pup at home in between visits has many benefits.

Pampering your dog is also an excellent way of enhancing bonds with your dog. In the wild, dogs and wolves would groom each other as normal pack behaviour to create a deeper alliance and to show affection. Lets face it, who doesn’t desire their back to be massaged whilst being fed strawberries and wafted with palm leaves! (Ok, so that may not happen).

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